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To Submit a travel claim, kindly follow the below steps:


1. In case of a medical emergency and/or if you need assistance during your trip, contact our 24h/7 Call Center immediately on the following number: +962 6 5008119.

2. Provide your name, location, insurance certificate number and the nature of your claim.

3. Keep original invoices/receipts of all expenses incurred.

4. Keep original medical reports in case of accident or illness abroad.

5. Keep any valuable document that may support your claim such as a police report, non-delivery document or Property Irregularity report from the carrier, travel ticket or any additional document.


When back to your home country, you should report your claim within a maximum period of 3 days after the return date by contacting Trust Insurance on 01 425 071 / 01 425 072 / 01 425 073.

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