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MOTOR Insurance


We provide a wide range of motor insurance:

A Plan that covers private cars in case of accident against third party liability as follows :

• Up to US$ 200,000 for Material Damage.
• Up to L.L. 750,000,000 for Bodily Injury (Compulsory insurance)

Additional Coverage for driver and passengers of family Members passengers due to a car accident up to:
• US$ 5,000 in case of death & permanent total disability per person.
• US$ 1,000 medical expenses per person.
• US$ 50,000 in the aggregate.

Including Free Road Assistance 24h/24h.

And a plan that covers in addition to the above the material damage to the motor vehicle when caused by :

o accidental collision,
o overturning,
o fire,
o theft, or Hold-up

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